Two Worlds


2001 release. Originally signed to Island Blue, Kirk Degiorgio's new music was deemed too alternative and cutting edge for a major label. Having left Island, Kirk Degiorgio is back with his Offworld project, on Far Out Recordings. In keeping with Far Out's Brazilian roots, Two Worlds features warm Brazilian vibes provided by special guests J.R. Bertrami and Ivan Conte on some tracks. Kirk's earliest musical passions were soul and jazz (renowned for his enormous collection of rare Sun Ra and Blue Note recordings), until a fresh sound started filtering back from Detroit to London. The new cold soul of Detroit techno inspired Kirk to start producing his own music, learning his art, studying old Herbie Hancock records, and recording his first tracks using equipment borrowed from techno legend Derrick May. In the early '90s, he began making music under the name As One. And set up his own (now cult) label, ART, to release it - reasoning that no major label at the time would take him on. ART proved he had an ear for groundbreaking sounds. Mark Pritchard said this of the label: "ART Records produced some of the best ambient techno ever made." The label released future classics by Black Dog, Aphex Twin, and was the first to release Photek, and Carl Craig in the UK. From Kirk's humble DIY beginnings pioneering Detroit techno in Europe, subsequent high profile TV ad soundtracks have given him the financial freedom to take his music to new levels. This unique position puts him sonically at the forefront of experimentation and unlike most artists from his era he has kept his sound fresh. As a producer he is equally able to crossover to the mainstream - his 12" Nairobi was one of Pete Tong's singles of the month - making his name with different shades of deep techno - always soulful, always funky. Hear him relaxing and stretching out on Two Worlds, where techno meets breakbeats, jazz and soul in a warm, club friendly mix.