Keep It Slow

ESK 501887 ESK 501887

This is the debut full-length release by Low Motion Disco -- secretive producer(s) who know how to keep things on the down low. Following recent singles Love Love Love Parts 1 and 2 featuring remixes from the likes of LSB, Aeroplane, DFA's Still Going and Soft Rocks. Keep It Slow fuses found sounds, field recordings and live instruments with lap top trickery, providing us with 13 tracks of perfect horizontal dancing. From KLF-style sample skulduggery to blissed-out electronics, dubbed-up beats and uplifting melody hooks, Low Motion Disco open the door into their unique world of super-slow house and funk-induced chill-out grooves. Low Motion Disco describe their philosophy as follows: "...we have developed a way to dance while not moving. We do it standing at a bar, or sitting on a sofa, in a car, wherever. While doing this, we groove and shake like hell, it just doesn't show on the outside. This technique is the basis of all we do. We call it 'low motion disco.'" They're coming from a comfy spot -- where relaxation feeds the dancing mind. Some say, they're from Bequia, a small island off St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Some say they're from the mountains of Switzerland. From the gentle breeze of "Born On The Low Wind" to the guitar-strum driven "The Low Murderer Is Out At Night" and the singalong refrain of "East Mountain Low" to the more uptempo disco-infused "People Come In Slowly," Low Motion Disco keep the tempo set for couch potato dancing.