Grain is the third Innode release following on from Gridshifter (EMEGO 168LP) in 2013 and syn (EMEGO 294LP) in 2021. A new methodology to make the album is applied yet again from the trio of Bernhard Breuer, Steven Hess, and Stefan Németh. The approach is more an anti-approach where the trio let the process of creation itself steer the development of the recording, without any prior conceptual agenda. Irregular rhythmic patterns often served as the initial springboard for each piece with Breuer creating a loop either by playing drums or with the aid of a modelling percussion synthesizer. The results often bypass existing formulaic grids. The outfit embraced these anti-precision steps building shapes around the tarnished templates. The process of building upon the core structures laid forth alters throughout. In the case of "Splitter" you can hear an example of Bernhard's core loops dominating a skeletal audio sphere. The title of the track "Impactopium" reflects the process of its construction being a conglomeration of individual titles meshed into a whole. The audio is a non-linear compendium of several fragments of individual elements. A conscious method of exploring a more decentralized architecture saw three disparate elements layered randomly on top of each other with some synths added as a sonic seasoning at the later stages. Elsewhere sonic elements are restructured in unusual ways. One member's contribution is completely stripped away, quiet sounds captured with contact mics are highly amplified, the last track introduces twisted themes of the first track. The title Grain refers to the roughness resulting from these explorations. It also takes note of the term grain as used in analogue photography or in the case of audio as a distorted signal, or "noise. All of these elements, normally eschewed, are here embraced as a thematic thread to instigate the exploratory proceedings. This is a playbox of inventiveness, a hall of mirrors and an endless search for unusual tactics and fresh results. Tackling the initial loop tracks from a wide variety of strategic approaches Innode has concocted a strangely cohesive work. From sparse source material to heavy overdubs of overdubs grain is an uplifting collection of works from this relentlessly curious and exploratory Austrian outfit. Humans make the work but the random embracing of unexpected processes means the gentleman of the outfit is not fully ruling what becomes of these works.