Music Of Richard Lerman 1964-1987

EM 1063CD EM 1063CD

2012 repress, originally released 2007. Every bicycle rider will dream of "Music for Bicycles," if it really exists. Sure, you know "Bicycle" sung by Queen, and "Tour de France" by Kraftwerk, but REAL bicycle music DOES exist! Travelon Gamelon (Music for Bicycles), realized by the sound artist Richard Lerman used real bicycles as musical instruments. Performed in the 1970s-1980s, he realized that the music for bicycles sounded like gamelan music in Southeast Asia. No joke, it's serious, a real true story. Travelon Gamelon had only ever been released as an album on Folkways Records in 1983, including 4 tracks of promenade and concert versions. It was long out of print and became a very hard to find, sought-after album for experimental/industrial music fans. This long-awaited re-issue is its first-ever CD release. This one and only original performance is not only an unrivaled experimental piece but also is the ultimate "industrial" music that will appeal to heavy noise/industrial music listeners. Music Of Richard Lerman1964-1987 is a 2CD collection, with the Travelon Gamelon (Music for Bicycles) album on disc one with an unissued bonus track. And disc two features other various soundworks of Lerman's entire pieces performed and recorded from 1964-1987. Both discs are CD-Extra (CD enhanced) including movies of his scarce performances on QuickTime and scores/diagrams for those works on PDF file. The liner notes were written by Arthur Sabatini and Richard Lerman himself. English & Japanese texts. A lot of photos within a heavy booklet, as usual. Packed in a duo case.