I'm Starting To Feel Okay Vol. 5

EF 007CD EF 007CD

Endless Flight presents the fifth volume of the I'm Starting To Feel Okay series -- a string of house trips handpicked by Toshiya Kawasaki, the soul behind such labels like Mule Musiq, Mule Electronic, and the Endless Flight imprint. As a classic label head-honcho, the man from Tokyo has selected 12 tracks that grab you by the neck and take you away to multiple destinations. The compilation starts with Vakula, who walks the path of jazz with the spherical and dreamy "Interpretation." His track is followed by a disco-influenced trip by Eddie C called "Tunnel Mountain," which grooves Balearic while dancing with a keen Krautrock twist. Roman Rauch fĂȘtes his debut on Endless Flight with a touching melody, a dry, drilling drum loop, a longing voice, and some kicking tempo alternations. Kuniyuki's track introduces an acoustic guitar that enlarges his composition with a twisted soul-jazz atmosphere and Franklin De Costa plays with an arrangement on his track that drills itself into your unconscious mind. Next, Juju & Jordash spread dusty atmospheres, echoed trumpets, and a discreet acid flavor. Barnt's Kraut-influenced track longs for sunsets and leaves enough space for dancing in the early morning sun. After more then ten years, Red Sparrow reappears with "Weep With Me," a timeless, slow-grooving house journey. Christopher Rau presents a smart, deep-rooted house drifter and Lawrence's track highlights a playful groove next to a sparkling piano melody line. Creative Swing Alliance's track electrifies with a big portion of soul that usually only legends like Moodymann are able to shape. The final arrangement of this diversified house voyage is by Oskar Offermann, a serious examination of nonchalant house.