Mmm, Betty!

EF 002CD EF 002CD

Betty Botox is the re-edit project of JD Twitch of Optimo, and this is his first full-length release. Inspired by his sets with JG Wilkes at Glasgow's Sub Club, Mmm, Betty! compiles hard-to-find proto-"classics" of nu-disco, dub, Kraut, industrial, and electronic. This release starts off with The Jellies, and their track "Jive Baby On A Saturday Night," which is a slanted, bouncy bass-driven and handclap number that is virtually impossible to find anywhere else but here. Next is the Love Of Life Orchestra -- after James Murphy used the original version to begin his own mix CD, many people looked for this record, but the original 12" is mega-rare. This Betty Botox version is mixed with another song, "Don't Don't" from the same 12". A very funny but very interesting re-edit. There's a track by The Residents -- their music is always amusing and difficult to understand. However, after you listen to this re-edit, you will know why JD Twitch picked this song -- it's like an original song by Optimo! Severed Heads are early Australian progenitors of avant garde/industrial from the late '70s, and Pankow are pioneers of EBM/industrial in Italy. Their edited track "Girls And Boys" was taken from their first album produced by Adrian Sherwood. Carlos Peron was a member of '80s Swiss electronic/synth-pop band Yello, and "Et" was taken from a mega-rare limited 12", Frigorex. The UK's Hawkwind are one of the most popular and nameable space-rock bands in the world. Their music has been used on mix CDs by disco dub artists such as Prins Thomas, and the track presented and edited here is a whirling, cosmic, guitar and synth-driven maelstrom. Flying Rhythms is a very well-known jam band in Japan and their track is transformed into a no/disco shaker, driven by bongos. Zed is the project of Bernard Szajner, a progressive/industrial/electronic rock pioneer and inventor of the Laser Harp. His two albums Visions Of Dune and Some Deaths Take Forever have been described by Carl Craig as his all-time favorite electronic records. "Framen" is taken from Visions Of Dune and has been edited by Naum Gabo (Jonnie Wilkes of Optimo). Betty Botox is bound to leave you spaced-out, musically schooled and transformed.