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Presenting a killer mix CD on new Mule Musiq offshoot label, Endless Flight. Walkabout features the stand-up taste and abilities of the UK's Optimo, known for their first mix CD, How to Kill the DJ Part Two, released on the Kill The DJ label and their second mix CD, Psyche Out, released on Eskimo Recordings. The duo also host their very own regular Optimo event at the Sub Club, in their hometown of Glasgow, and for the past 9 years the party has featured artists such as Rapture, Liquid Liquid, ESG, Franz Ferdinand and over 120 other bands. It has also featured DJs such as Harvey and Ivan Smagghe. The party itself has become known as one of the best dance parties on the globe and amasses a large gathering every week. As such, Optimo have been called upon for their highly-trained mixing skills at big festivals and small parties the world over -- so it's smart that Endless Flight should choose them to mix their inaugural comp. Walkabout is an eclectic and diverse tour across the globe and across genres -- a smooth blend of music through industrial, new wave, techno and minimal house that feels like a session between Mogwai and Ricardo Villalobos. From Throbbing Gristle and Boris to Pan Sonic and Thomas Brinkmann, this release doesn't just feature the best dance hits playing at the clubs right now, it also features Optimo's educated musical perspectives. This is the world according to Optimo. Other artists include: Grungerman, Databrain, Like A Tim, Lenny Dee & Nicolai Vorkapich, Philus, Shane Berry, Godsy, Suicide, Eventell and Metaboman, 6k, Marc Houle, Herbert, Smith & Hacke and Black Dice.