Dark Shadow


Deep Vibes presents the second album by Sascha Dive. Pinning down Sascha Dive as Cocoon's deep house wunderkind wouldn't really hit the nail on the head; however, it isn't far from the truth. Compared to most other artists of this genre, he can for sure be classified as a young gun. Sascha Dive's music is loaded with a respectful amount of taste and house history you would normally find in the productions and DJ sets of artists who started in the early '90s. And this is not unwanted: Dive admires and follows the big names of house and deep house and his musical efforts to pay respect to them brought him on par with his legends. So it's no wonder that Sascha Dive productions found their way to top-notch labels like Tsuba, Freebase, Deep Labs (Balance US) or Raum...Musik. Not to forget his release for Ornaments and the Moodymann remix for "Deepest America." Keeping in mind where Dive started with his first album Restless Nights (DVR 014CD/LP) and what he achieved (such as receiving remix honors from Kenny Dixon Jr.), one would think Sascha Dive has scored all the goals he wanted to score. However, the journey doesn't stop there: being a Cocoon artist and having played for some of the major Cocoon nights in Ibiza and around the globe, Dive incorporated a decent amount of electronic soul and afterhour-madness to his music over the last years. He even admits that his current productions and DJ sets are definitely influenced by current techno- and techno house artists and this special feeling this music adds to a party. This progression is clearly audible on Dark Shadow, which is a great example of the sound of Sascha Dive as he opens up new fields of music and creativity. This album is not just a collection of tracks, it is a mad journey that has the potential to take you deeper and deeper underground and back to the top again. Cinematic, moody house vibes and hypnotic tech-house excursions... you'll find it all in here.