Rules Of Madness


Producing and releasing his explorative and unique electronic music on labels such as Mobilee, Highgrade, Freak N'Chic or Micro-Fibres for years, it was in 2010 that Marc Antona felt the time was right to embark on the entirely independent project, Dissonant. Over the year that followed, not only did Marc put out three highly-praised EPs on his label, he also built and nurtured its concept to what is now the home of his first full-length album Rules Of Madness. Exposing the hidden grooves within the beats and kicks, Rules Of Madness features ten tracks of organic music full of hidden melodies and underlying emotional ambience while keeping the pumping vibe experienced in his DJ live sessions. Through his first album on Dissonant, Marc shows his own creative vision of what he wants to be sexy underground music. Rules Of Madness opens with "Guru," the album's sense of shy mystery and intrigue revealed with muffled demeanor and secretive rhythm. Just afterwards, "All Against The Law" introduces the next main thread: analog field recordings that celebrate the fascinating and often-unheard soundtrack of everyday life. These recordings, coupled with the poetic sampled vocals on "Illegal" and the humorous and charming "Hammock Spider Story," serve to create a beautiful and honest thread to Marc's tracks. Marc Antona's Iberian influence is laid bare throughout: the ten tracks coming from his studio on the white island of which he fondly says has "so much contrast between the peaceful nature and the amazing clubbing scene, with so much energy that ideas are plentiful when it's time to make music." Woven with exactly that contrast, tracks like "Prohibition Circus" and "Crush To Pulp" play with raw, organic hand claps, groovy feelings and the sprinkling bells of ambience. What makes them so compelling, though, is the atmosphere that they ricochet within; crunching machinery combines with bounding bass and beats to fuel the dancefloor. Throughout his journey and discoveries as a musician, Marc's passion for "creating musical trips, taking people into his world and making them enjoy the changes of moods from happiness to melancholy, from energy-pumping moments to relaxing, deep waves" has developed and is now clearly on point with an album that fully delivers.