Woods Roads


"Woods Roads is the second full-length album by Italy's Bartolomeo Sailer, who is known for his releases on Germany's Sonig label (run by Mouse on Mars) and France's bip-hop, among others. Inspired by a recent road trip across the pacific northwest and by the eerie, surreal psychological landscapes in the films of Lynch, Kubrick, and Jarmusch, Woods Roads promises to be an intriguing and enigmatic journey through the maze of highways inside the mind of Wang Inc. A steady, understated techno (or is it foxtrot?) Pulse runs throughout much of the album, mirroring the rhythm of the painted lines in the center of the road as they pass from the headlights into the shadows. Often, the rhythm is swallowed up by mysterious tones and melodies or surrounded by swarms of dancing insects. Ambient, but more unsettling than soothing, the textures of Woods Roads hypnotize you, imparting a false sense of security. Whatever you do, don't fall asleep at the wheel. In the words of the artist: 'for what is music useful? Probably to live better. And if to live better, we have to search for new places and situations, music is one of the best 'instruments' to reach these places, experience them, and describe them. Woods Roads is born with the trip, with the desire to find a new place and with the fascination of discovering it. A place that represents a new option in life, far away from the chaos and hysterics of urban congestion, incubated and constantly lived within the four walls, always different, but somehow still the same, a never-ending day life in which there is more green and oxygen on the TV screen than within those four walls. Woods Roads goes beyond the concept of ecological music, beyond the research of the natural voice of the deteriorated environment, to reach the 'integral' music that drives back the hyper-urban structure into contact with nature. A difficult and dangerous trip, seen in a artistic way or a human way, but necessary. To live better'."