Prime Sequences


Prime Sequences is the latest album by DJ and electronic music producer GummiHz, real name Alexander Tsotsos. Alex has an ear for what he describes as elastic frequencies, thus gummi-hertz! In other words, low bass lines, airy synth phrases, and shuffle rhythms, playfully arranged within loose forms. A philosophy that comes across throughout this long player. Elements fall in and out of order, time swings back and forth, all together in perfect harmony. Pushing the boundaries of what has become his signature sound, a fusion of house and techno all the way from Berlin to Detroit. This package features underground music coming straight from the heart, or the Hertz more appropriately. The story unfolds within no less than nine tracks showcasing Alex's versatility in making waves. The opening track titled "Berlinopolis" is a sonic portrait of the city of Berlin, where Alex lives since more than a decade. A smooth soundscape produced by combining abstract melodies with field recordings of the city's ambience. "Second Wave" follows airy jazz chords and drum parts to launch the listener into trajectory. The title track "Prime Sequence" is a Detroit brewed piece with some Berlin minimalism rawness in the rhythm section. Next up comes "Submerge", a tight and hypnotic affair carrying the right amount of subtle release. "Prime Dub" dives deeper into the frequency spectrum. "Proto Sequence" follows a simple still infectious groove laced with various modulations. Inspired by proto-house motifs pioneered by artists like Chi-town's Ron Hardy. "Metafunk" reaches out to Berlin's club culture at its core. "Mindloop" is a track written for the afterhours looping state of mind. Another minimal house cut with a fair dose of psychedelic sound design. Lastly, "Descension" relaxes the mood through deep pulsating rhythms and playful arpeggios. Prime Sequences covers a wide range of styles like ambient electronics, peak time house, and techno, as well as seriously effed-up afterhours minimalism. Made for both DJs and music lovers, this is the second long player by GummiHz to come out on vinyl after his debut album Sleepless Nights back in 2009.