1-2 Weeks
Opened, But Hardly Touched

CF 010LP CF 010LP

"On Opened, But Hardly Touched, the Brötzmann/Miller/Moholo combination displays the most accessible approach of the live trio recordings surveyed. An extemporaneous master who puts the spur in the spur of the moment, reedman Peter Brötzmann is surely one of Albert Ayler's most vital sons for his blowing stamina and savage sense of humor. Bassist Harry Miller and drummer Louis Moholo lend the muscle needed to anchor and counterpoint the saxophonist's wildest flights. Elsewhere associated with projects having a decidedly ethnic flavor, the two South Africans show off an earthiness that swings hard, in meter and out. The clarity of FMP's November 1980 recording beautifully underlines their contributions. The boundaries between composition and improvisation are intentionally blurred... The music's design suggests a certain inevitability as it effects pendular swings between quietness and intensity, solos and duets, microtones and staunch collective blowing. On the attractive opener, 'Eine Kleine Nachtmarie,' Miller and Moholo pull rhythmically in and out of sync, juggling time against free sections, against the bleat of Brötzmann's soprano stand-in, the tarogato. 'Special Request for Malibu' perhaps best reveals the sonic extremes. The spasmodic throes of Brötzmann on clarinet and tenor contrast with his big soft 'flaps' of breath in duet with arco bass -- as Miller plays sinuous near-electronic sonorities, between notes and white noise. Through all of the performances Moholo pushes, restless and jabbing, but with flexible touch." --Down Beat, 1983; Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Recorded live by Jost Gebers on November 5th and 6th, 1980 in Berlin. Peter Brötzmann (alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone, E-flat clarinet, tarogato); Harry Miller (double bass); Louis Moholo (drums).