I Due Vigili / Ma Chi T'ha Dato La Patente?


2013 release. Digitmovies, in collaboration with the Sugar Group, presents on CD, for the first time, Carlo Rustichelli's complete original soundtrack in full stereo by for two comedy movies starring the cool duo Franchi and Ingrassia: I Due Vigili and Ma Chi T'ha Dato La Patente?. I Due Vigili (aka "The Two Traffic Policemen") was directed in 1967 by Giuseppe Orlandini. The traffic policeman Francesco Lo Cascio, paired with the traffic policeman Ciccio Merendino, is a relentless hunter of fines, who by imposing a fine on the mayor, succeeds in getting a promotion. The envious Merendino, who tries to get a promotion for himself, in the end only manages to push both of them back towards more strenuous tasks. Both of them will redeem themselves by arresting a gang of robbers, therefore going back into service as brigade motorcyclists. Ma Chi T'ha Dato La Patente? was directed in 1970 by Nando Cicero. Holding a shabby driving school, Franco and Ciccio suffer from the theft of the only car they had. They buy another one, but don't know that it is rigged. Two beautiful American girls try to remove them from troubles. Carlo Rustichelli always had a great and rare quality: He never made a distinction between movies of the A or the B series, and the final result of his soundtracks was always remarkable. For I Due Vigili Maestro Rustichelli has composed a wild go-go dancefloor "shake" for orchestra and choir introduced in the main titles, which is then reprised in an alternative version for the scene where young people are dancing in a flat and their noise causes the neighborhood to call the two funny cops. The composer has written a mysterious lounge theme and funny music that without doubt contains all the typical elements of his well-known style. As a bonus track Digitmovies include the unused main titles (Tr.11). For Ma Chi T'ha Dato La Patente?, Carlo Rustichelli wrote a nice theme performed by the whistle, choir, and orchestra, a love theme with a jazz flavor, funny themes with a circus flavor, a charming slow ballad with a baroque-beat flavor performed by I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni. For Digitmovies' CD they used every note recorded in stereo during the original sessions. One more record to celebrate the musical art of Carlo Rustichelli.