1-2 Weeks
Il Dominatore Del Deserto / Maciste Alla Corte Dello Zar / I Predoni Della Steppa


2009 release. Digitmovies releases, for the very first time, the complete versions of three orchestral original soundtracks by Carlo Rustichelli on one CD. They were composed for three adventure movies placed in the desert and steppe, all of them directed by Amerigo Anton (aka Tanio Boccia) in 1964 and starring Kirk Morris. Il Dominatore Del Deserto (aka "Desert Raiders"): In North Africa the tyrant Yussuff makes a retaliation attack on a village and kidnaps Fatima with whom he falls in love. But the woman refuses him and takes a fancy to the young and beautiful Nadir (Morris) who tries to challenge the rival. Maciste Alla Corte Dello Zar (aka "Atlas Against The Czar"): Under the reign of the ruthless czar Nicolaiev, a group of scientists discovers inside a cave the body of the giant Maciste (Morris), who, after getting reanimated, acquires his powerful strength again. I Predoni Della Steppa (aka "Terror Of The Steppes"): Samira, daughter of Yesen and promised to the powerful Altan as bride, is kidnapped by Sandar (Morris) and his marauders. Sandar falls in love with the girl and he returns her, but when the greedy Altan invades the lands of Yesen, the young man revolts. This CD is possible one more time thanks to the big help of C.A.M. who have perfectly preserved in their vaults the mono mastertapes containing all that Rustichelli had originally recorded for these three movies. Much of the score material within these movies was filled with library music by the same composer, but all of the main themes and their variations were especially composed for them. Four tracks from Il Dominatore Del Deserto, two tracks from Maciste Alla Corte Dello Zar, and four tracks from I Predoni Della Steppa have already been available on through C.A.M. Digitmovies have now added eighteen unreleased tracks which were discovered on the mono mastertapes. Carlo Rustichelli, who has been much inspired by the desert, steppe, and other exotic locations used in these three movies, has succeeded in creating magnificent epic themes with a Middle-Eastern flavor which refer back to the great fables from the past like "The Thousand And One Nights", alternated with exotic dances and battle themes. Another proper score rescue of the Italian silver age.