Vagabundos 2012


Luciano's Ibiza Vagabundos club night is now a world-renowned club brand, celebrated for its wild and stylish carnival affairs that are powered by the very best DJs in house and techno. You can feel that history, and a lot of Ibiza's spirit, on Luciano's Vagabundos 2012 compilation CD. With wide-reaching influences and diverse musical citations from across the dance music spectrum, Vagabundos 2012 carries the essence of the original Balearic beat. With moments of intense darkness and life-affirming rhythms, the mix Luciano creates is like a sublime painting of Ibiza itself. From house to techno, from human- and machine-created rhythms, to sweet voices and warped vocals, to blissful beach melodies and mind-twisting notes, to classic Chicago beats and futuristic grooves, the mix is a deeply absorbing, multi-dimensional electronic fusion. There is so much wonderful density in this small 76-minute package, that it seems almost counter-intuitive to dissect it. Perhaps one of the main reasons for Vagabundos 2012's apparent depth is Luciano's increasing love for molecular mixing. Luciano uses digital DJing technology to deconstruct tracks and re-construct them into any shape he chooses, allowing him to mix parts from up to four different tracks at once. Playing this way, Luciano is able to blend loops, basslines, vocals, hi-hats, and melodies together in ways that vinyl or CDs could never allow him to do. It is one of the reasons why Vagabundos 2012 is such a fluid, evolving, and engrossing journey, full of unexpected twists and turns. Yes, on the face of it, Vagabundos 2012 is still just a DJ set, but it feels much more like a living electronic soundtrack, an unpredictable beast, unshackled and full of energy. Featuring: Le K, Substance & Vainqueur, Technasia, Nick Harris, Alex Gori, BBQ, Pompeya, Gorge Hewek, DJ Wild, Wata Igarashi, NTFO & Optick, Rhadow, Dave Aju, Sarp Yilmaz, Plaid, The Sushi Club, Johnny D, Dani Casarano/Felipe Valenzuela/Demian Muller, Zakes Bantwini (feat. Xola), El Pocho, Romathony, Deetron, Guy J, Marc Romboy vs. KiNK, Daniell and Lucien-N-Luciano.