Needle and Thread


BPitch Control welcomes the long-overdue and keenly-awaited debut album from the Italian DJ, remixer and producer duo System Of Survival. The 12 tracks on Needle and Thread combine to form an imaginary journey through the musical world of the protagonists. Their output is rich and varied, for it is based on almost 20 years of highly successful musical collaboration: Pietro "Bingo" De Lisi's soul and funk background, Alex Carpetieri's roots in Detroit and Chicago techno, their first joint success in the clubs of their home city of Salerno and finally, their big break in their current center of operations -- as residents of the legendary Circo Loco/DC10 in Ibiza. Needle and Thread tells of never-ending Balearic party madness; it reflects the intimate, creative atmosphere of the DC10 crew and presents house as a globally celebrated and universally understood formula. Bingo and Alex are masters of this formula in all its varieties: each of the 12 tracks contain pieces of the complex musical patchwork that defines the pair's artistic background -- but not in the sense of a retrospective or obvious citations. Rather, as playfully thrown together fragments, removed from their context and plucked out of time, thus able to shift and transform, but nevertheless universally recognizable. System Of Survival take these building blocks and construct their very own house universe, preserving it throughout the entire album -- beats at a restrained tempo create a calm, powerful pulse; classic sounds and melodic figures of hazy beauty that repeatedly drift by like mist, lending each and every track that unique balance of dancefloor energy and intense cerebral cinema. The mixture reaches maximum intensity in the delightfully weightless synth-pop track "W Pitch Down," the track "X-Pert" that fans will know from System's EP Rough Everytime, and the bass-line bomb, "Attitude." This is where Bingo's penchant for '80s techno classics and blaxploitation films makes itself heard -- although once more without resorting to simple citations. The most unusual track is surely "Crash What" -- a cool, downtempo number that starts off with quirkily tweaked Joey Beltram sound snippets, then suddenly transforms into a captivating pop track with crooner vocal samples. Features inspired performances from selected guest vocalists such as Surfbit, Anna Gi and Pietro Caprioglio aka Autre and Hercules And Love Affair singer, Shaun J. Wright.