Dust Remixes


BPitch queen Ellen Allien released her album Dust (BPC 217CD/LP) in the Spring of 2010. Since then, it has been impossible to get away from the strangely glittering fairy dust that graced the album's cover. On your skin, your clothes, in your nose, and above all, in your ears. Dust truly left its mark. Anyone that had anything to do with techno in 2010 couldn't avoid experiencing Ellen's most personal and without a doubt, most mature reflection of her own being, a sparkling gem full of pop appeal and unexpected twists and turns. And why would they want to? It unites many facets into one -- although the album, which was produced together with Tobias Freund, is extremely diverse and wide-ranging, it is also a coherent impression of a singular personality. A snapshot of an artist who was one of the first to begin hammering Berliner techno into stone. So it really comes as no surprise that these remixes are just as impressive as Ellen's original LP, thanks to the multiple perspectives they provide. Placing the tracks in different (yet well-selected) hands was supposed to be a simple experiment, but what was originally intended to only be released digitally ended up being so impressive that a decision was made to turn it into the tactile experience of a silver disc. The result is 13 adaptations of the material on Dust which transition between multiple varieties of house, techno, disco, and ambient, as if the idea of different categories never existed. Here, a rigid structure takes a backseat to creative freedom. The artists selected for this project come from completely different stylistic camps, and can without a doubt be referred to as key players in today's club sound. The remixes which stand out the most are probably the incredible cover of "Flashy Flashy" by Nicolas Jaar, the remix of "Should We Go Home" by John Roberts, as well as the remix of Ellen's pop song "You" by Munk. Other remix artists include: Ripperton, Bodycode, Adultnapper, Tim Hecker, John Roberts, Aux 88, Fabrizio Maurizi, Shonky, Camea and Kassem Mosse.