Krazeee Remixes


"The original version of 'Krazee' has its own separate history: Rather minimalized instrumentation in the classical structure of a track. Long-pent memories of disco nights of the past, ecstatic dancers on flashing dance floors, and extremely compelling sounds are released. Along with the combination of glitzy surfaces and twirling windmills, all are bound together, following the march of the beats. Showing techno always pulling itself by the hair from the darkness. In the remix it becomes essentially experimental, snappy and more playful, although the beat takes over the orientation here. However, the beat is added intractably to the whole, more so than with the original. Resting a bit offbeat is perhaps the strongest of characteristics already known from Sylvie Marks and HAL 9000. Steadily emerging are synthesized flutes camouflaged as gimmicks, -- sworn staple of large acts -- only however to ring in with the vocals of Sylvie to make out the sense. How does she sound on the other end of the telephone, 'are you still there? / Anyone out there?', but so loud that she does not hear the other one at all, and perhaps doesn't care to. The disturbance is raised to the point (sleep can wait til another time), and the noise holds all attention. Thus, perhaps one doesn't want to but can't help but hear. In its entirety, the remix is a decidedly slower tempo, however, one tapered synchronously to the messages from another world, ending with DJ friendly suspense. 'Wir Sterne' makes clear with its alarming entrance, how one can imagine Sylvie as a tipsy steering Barbarella in a rolling orbital glider. Clearly how near HAL 9000 at HAL 9000 (the revolting supercomputer from Kubricks Space Odysee 2001) could be so real. Sylvie seems to have the look of being intoxicated with power from the window, onlookers comment. Now and then system overload warning flashes, but at this point the acceleration is the option chosen, rather than slowing down. Again in five minutes is packed here the slightly offbeat audio canal, whose perception saturates the senses, until the plug is ripped from the socket. HAL 9000 (the genuine) would certainly have begun to dance."