A short autobiography from Niko Karlsson: "The first band I was in (after high school) started out as some sort of pop outfit and gradually morphed into Navigations. We released one 7", one LP in 2005, and some CDrs. We tried to include all kinds of music in our stuff but mostly we were heavily influenced by the Chicago sound, and also more experimental things, like The Flying Luttenbachers and This Heat... So improv started to get in the mix as well, and in the end, some folk influences too, but the band was always a struggle and in the end, it just fell apart. It's kind of embarrassing to think of those times, and really hard to understand what kind of impulses I was following. Feels like it was someone else, but I guess it did happen... I also had some kind of a meltdown around that time and in the process I started to look for, and need, very different things in music, and I guess I'm still on that path... Dug around and found a whole new world and got into music I hadn't understood before. I've been doing these solo 4-track recordings for about ten years, I think, just working slowly with the seasons, always at home on my own. Spirit of Orr released my first solo CDr in 2012, and the second one is now being released by Feeding Tube Records. Other musical activities are a synth/guitar drone duo called Altaat with my friend Miki, and Orange Hora with Niko-Matti Ahti and Jorge Boehringer. I've also played a few times in Lau Nau's band accompanying silent movies... I played a little guitar and banjo on the latest Kiila record as well (Näköpiirin Rajoilla, 2016). A split LP of guitar and banjo soli pieces with my friend Topias Tiheäsalo has been in the works for a long time too, hopefully it'll come out sometimes as well..."
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