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Lifesaver 4 Compilation - 21 - Dedicated to Andrew Weatherall
5x12" BOX


Today, a small club called Robert Johnson finds itself in twenty-one years of existence. Taking it by the account of yesteryears jurisprudence, the Robert Johnson club has finally reached legal age. Reeling through the years, the club finds itself in high spirits, regardless of these wicked times today, chuffed and thankful to all the fine people on both sides of the doors, wardrobe, bar, back office or DJ booth: Your love is a life saver2. A good friend who stayed by the club's side until his untimely passing earlier in 2020, was the resident Andrew Weatherall. Throughout Andrew Weatherall's decades spanning career, the proper working-class lad has been driven by music -- not merely into it, as he would have put it, underlining his understatement with a chuckle. True to his school of many genres and inspired just as well by literature and art in the far corners, Andrew never would let people know what to expect of him; more often than not testing the musical flexibility and fiber of his audiences, being the notoriously whimsical minister of transcendent experience and alternative fun, who more often than not emanated an air of Edwardian dandyism. To the Robert Johnson club and quite a few of its close protagonists, Andrew Weatherall was more than a resident DJ: an excellent spiritual advisor, drawn to subculture and its hidden topoi, who would happily take the piss at any existing rule, as one of his tracks called Frankfurt Advice has literally put it on the record. Lifesaver 4 is a compilation as diverse as the nights and mornings on Robert Johnson's wooden dancefloor. Young talents and seasoned companions have paid their musical tribute in order to celebrate Robert Johnson's twenty-first year, and to commemorate the sabresonic Captain now resting in his paradise. As the club culture experiences a worldwide disruption in this current stasis, we may find ourselves at the verge of a much-needed cultural change. The tracks on this compilation -- spread over a sumptuous box set of five LPs -- are the acetates for the future of the Robert Johnson club. At times Balearic, discoid, dubby, eccentric, energetic, haunted, lush, and raw; they all make the most of it. Features Perel, Panthera Krause, Benjamin Fröhlich. Massimiliano Pagliara, Koga, Red Axes, TCB, форм, Davis, Portable, Gerd Janson, Portable, Chinaski, Johannes Albert, Roman Flügel, Damiano von Erckert, Secretsundaze, Cedric Dekowski, Black Spuma, Axel Boman, Fort Romeau, and Llewellyn. Includes download code and Robert Johnson Greencard (free admission for one visit); edition of 500.