Hellbender 1975-78


"Central Ohio is far more of a schizophrenic hotbed of rock than the Library of Alexandria would lead you to believe. If you squint your eyes past the big city lights & skyscrapers (Rep likes to call them 'DIEscrapers'), you can see the outlines of the fertile Ohio Valley Crescent from which much Midwest D.I.Y. Punk emerged in the aftermath of a late-60's/early-70's gestation period. When digging into the Columbus strata of petrified 70's fossil-rock pure Columbus area underground entities bubble up from the deep: Jim Shepard, Ron House, Tommy Jay, Nudge Squidfish, The Quotas, Screaming Urge... many more. It seems that in some way or another Mike Rep has been intertwined with, 'Lovingly Fucking With', melding with, accompanying and/or leading the charge with many comrades in arms into the hipster Ohio Hell unknown for 40+ freaking years. Describing the allure of the mid-70s Ohio sound to the uninitiated isn't too difficult. Take the freaked-out post-13th Floor Elevators to Velvet Underground to Stooges to RFTT/Pere Ubu barbed wire bop and compound those influences with the dawn of home recording equipment access, a D.I.Y scene began to evolve. Just the right mixture of humidity, THC & malt liquor-fueled a primal pool ripe for spontaneous generation producing much fruit from apparent sterile soil as viewed from the overlook of big city coastal-dominated Hipsterism. Rep's homemade debut single 'Rocket To Nowhere' was recorded in 1975/'released' in 1978 and nobody noticed for the next ten years. Add to that the incredible Grim-O-Comix Sequence LP packed with angst ridden 1974 basement recordings (you need to drop everything and track it down if you haven't heard this unblinkingly look into the maw of the 70's loser teen maelstrom). HERE & NOW, on Hellbender you get a full primal serving of mostly previously unheard chaos, recorded between '75 and '78, that will no doubt cause future generations to marvel at just how one could be so brutally honest, raw, and wasted yet, live to chronicle it all. Hozac Archival is bringing these sounds to you now. Why? Because it IS the kind of mind-numbing, eyeball-popping guttural pure D.I.Y. rock & roll that saved so many miserable souls from succumbing to the 'American Dream' sham, and continue to inspire the D.I.Y. spirit in all who care to dare. Mike Rep & The Quotas / Hellbender- Very rare, mostly previously unheard recordings from 1975-78, very recently gleaned straight from the long thought lost original reel-to-reel master tapes."