1-2 Weeks
Get An Ace Case Of The Measles

UE 063LP UE 063LP

"While my face drips with pus, yellow soup, manjuice and morning yoghurt, I finally got an injection against measles, which I also suffered from until I found out about Preggy Peggy And The Lazy Babymakers (both thru a CD-R on the great Chocolate Monk and on Preggy's own 'Being Weird Isn't Enough Records'!), I thought they deserved it more then I did. As a 'price' I could release their record inspired by the subject matter. Which became a beautiful audiobook like a madman's guide to alienville! The medicine these chaps have to use makes em sing in different colours and add styles to each other that never heard of each other's existence. Preggy Peggy And The Lazy Babymakers basically got started because of Angela Sawyer's (Boston-based psycho record collector and owner of the great Weirdo Records store!) compulsive need to overdub a mountain of voices over a mountain of strange instruments played by JA, the other Preggy who apparently 'lives on one of New England's gray shabby beaches with a couple of miniature fluffy dogs'! They never play live, it is probably pretty impossible to do live anyway, and style wars it sort of comes near Sun City Girls jams with Francois Dufrene, remixed by a Texas hill billy. Both members were in a mountain of bands no one ever heard of, such as; Pig Sex, The Pie Plate Band, The Cool Breeze, Jet Jaguar Backing Band, Phenomenological Boys, Stick a Fork In It, Laser Laser Laser Laser, The White People, Cough Syrup, The Saliva Sisters, Giacinto Scelsi Tribute Band, White Cocaine, My Son's Coloring Book, The Whoop Whoop Girls, Jimmy & the Waffles, N. Soseki/T. Hatsuro, The Kantian Project, Instant Distance Mental Powers, The Whistle Band, Byron, Jimmy & Gerard, Les Garcons Sur La Plage, Life Partners, The A Minor Project, Moshi Moshi I Am the Decider, Goils Goils & Fripped, Swastika Niggers, Sun Shine Sanitarium, The Cloud Club, Scarcity of Tanks, The Depressed Horns, Fleetwood Sac & the Sex-Havers, Human Hairs, Grizzler Big Band, Exusamwa, Duck That, etc. Comes in a collaged cover with a new born baby on it and prince charles and an insert."