Solna (Loaded Deluxe Edition)


Expanded reissue, originally released in 2012. The formula is simple: a strong frontman, Nick Vahlberg, a guitar hero, Hans Ostlund, a powerful drummer, Joakim Werning, and a multi-talented bassist and composer, Bjorne Froberg. The Nomads are an institution in Europe after more than 40 years of career. Their last album, Solna was named after the Stockholm neighborhood from which they emerged in 1981, paving the way for the garage rock scene of the time. "Aside from the Pebbles compilations, not much was known about the garage bands of the '60s and many people first heard those great songs in The Nomads version," according to Chips K (famous Swedish producer -- Hellacopters, la Secta -- and member of Sator). "But one thing that distinguishes the band from many other revival bands is that they never just copied the sound of the originals. They added extra influences such as punk, power pop and hard rock. That special recipe is what still makes their sound unique." Bands like The Hellacopters, Maharajas, and Sator are direct descendants of what The Nomads created. They were closer to Australian punk rock and took varied influences to create something completely their own. If they decided to cover something, it seemed like it was their own song. Another aspect that makes them stand out from many of their contemporaries is their chemistry. Live they are like an engine, and in a perfect world, they should have had hit after hit. Anyone who doubts this statement should pick up a copy of the Nomadic Dementia compilation, and it will be clear that we are not just talking about it. The band even accompanied Roky Erickson on a single festival date and the former 13th Floor Elevators' ex-wife paid Hans a huge compliment. "Right after the show, she told me, 'You're the best guitarist Roky has had since Duane (Aslaksen)." The Nomads deliver hair-raising authenticity of rock and roll with unsurpassed purity. Nobody coughs on them or will cough on them. They are still as good as ever. In fact, they are probably even better now. After many years of career, The Nomads produced their strongest album to date. The group perfected their sound, live and in the studio. Solna is the distilled essence of what The Nomads are known for. Edition of 500.