A.M Jazz

DOOK 150482CD DOOK 150482CD

Jim Noir's A.M Jazz is a multi-layered album that features close friends including those dearly departed. 15 years since he recorded the first ever Jim Noir EP, A.M Jazz is the record all Noirheads won't be surprised Al Roberts had inside him. Letting the Beatlesesque stylings of his most recent album Finnish Line be (2014), A.M Jazz suits the Noir repertoire of his catalog so far and is another homegrown offering which sees the Davyhulme composer tinkering in his suburban Manchester studio once more. Whilst writing and creating with friends, he has worked on electronic pet project, FAX with former Alfie guitarist, Ian Smith, and the vintage analog house meets electro sound of his own solo EP Granada Personnel Recovery, as well as producing local band, Shaking Chainsor, and helping long-time musical colleague, Aidan Smith. Never not sonically exploring or being inspired by the sounds around him, there was even a red-carpet moment when he appeared as a film premier guest after a couple of his songs were selected for the OST of director Jason Wingard's film Eaten By Lions (2018). Performing all A.M Jazz's instrumental parts himself but also, at the right moment, bringing in present and past pals along the way, sexy lounge song, "Hexagons" features Phil Anderson and Mark Williamson singing and playing "legendary OTT guitar solo" respectively. Meanwhile the orchestration of "Peppergone" waltzes like a beautifully romantic ode to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata -- a tribute to dearly departed best friend Batfinks who originally wrote the chords in his song "Peppercorn". Culled from around 50 tunes, A.M Jazz moves like the time of the day, from dawn to night, stirring from the pop of "Good Mood" and the Beta Band groove of "Upside Down". Mellow "TOL Circle" is like Percy Faith's "Theme From A Summer Place" synthesized, capturing the style of TV library music or movie soundtrack obscurity that has always stirred Al's curiosity, and the album plunges into a vast chasm of instrumental exploration with "Mystermoods", visiting Japan's funky synth whiz duo Testpattern and Hakabashi Sakamoto. Darkening and deepening in intensity, "Eggshell" is like an undiscovered gem from Angelo Badalamenti's cutting room floor, the Panda Bear shimmer of "Lander" is where blissful positivity and sadness meet, about another of his friends who left the world too young.