Blorp Esette


2013 repress, remastered edition. Remastered in June of 2011 by Ju Suk Reet Meate. Perhaps the only logical follow up to the historic LAFMS: The Lowest Form Of Music 10CD box on RRR, is this 4CD compilation based around the 2 LP volumes of Blorp Esette which Ace Farren Ford released under the LAFMS umbrella in 1978 (Vol. 1) and 1980 (Vol. 2, a double LP set). Both of the LPs featured cover & label art by Don Van Vliet which as been reproduced on this CD reissue. Capt. Beefheart cover art was quite a coup for the times and these LPs have long been some of the most desirable LAFMS artifacts (but basically never available to anyone outside of the LA underground at the time of their release). The four CDs are packaged with a 32 page booklet of artwork and notes, and include nearly 3 hours of previously unreleased tracks! The LAFMS bridged the gap. Features performances by: Smegma, Le Forte Four, The Reverend Toad-Eater, Electric Willy Trio, the Di-Dee Dos, Ace Farren Ford, Rick Potts, Doo Dooettes, Henry Kaiser, Dennis Duck, Joe Potts, Chip Chapman, Ace & Duce, Child Molesters, Jerry Bishop, Nopar King, The South Pasadena Free Music Ensemble, Gage Kenady, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Reverend Marty Nation, many more. "In January of 1976 the non-musician comedy team of Ace & Duce officially joined ranks with the newly formed Los Angeles Free Music Society for the legendary Spaghetti Works show in what was then truly old towne Pasadena with fellow stalwarts Le Forte Four and the Doo-Dooettes. When we had begun our forays into 'free music' we had figured to be lone venturers without peers, yet at this point we found ourselves in a sort of like-minded union. Enthusiasm reined supreme, who soon led us to the question of doing an album. For reasons that seem to escape me now, we decided to do a various artists compilation. Response was plentiful, so much so that before it was done plans were underway for a volume 2., which grew to become 2 records. It was a lot of fun. It was also a nightmare. Technology had not yet reached us, and suddenly we had many reels of tape and cassettes, all of varying quality or lack thereof, many with little or no information as to what exactly was on them. We were, in fact, forced to master volume 2 in mono due to varying levels and other technical hardships. Now due to the vision & lack of good sense on the part of Mr. Sheppard, we present the Blorp Esette experience, including volume 2 in stereo as originally intended, and many of the tracks that could not have been included in the original volumes due to time constraints and other maladies, with many new surprises." -- Ace Farren Ford.