The In-Fuzzed


It was the beginning of 2019 at the WattHaus studios in Perpignan when The In-Fuzzed rose from the incandescent ashes of Hair & The Iotas. They still played garage rock, but with even more fuzz and energy. The arrival of an ex-member of El Vicio and Destination Lonely certainly shook things up a bit. After several concerts in the South of France and two singles, The In-Fuzzed now release their first, eponymous album in collaboration with Staubgold. 13 original titles, linked together seamlessly, have the listener in a state of constant alert, on the lookout for any blast and under the impression that anything may burst from the depths of this devilish rock n' roll among roaring fuzz-pedals and explosive drums. Two guitars (sometimes three: Nico Delseny, ex-member of the Beach Bitches and Sonic Chicken 4, lends a strong hand on some tracks) and an infernal rhythmic section (Michel Morales and Franck Menguin, both veterans of Hair & The Iotas) are recorded live at the rehearsal room by the musicians themselves on an eight-track ½" recorder, a testament to the thrive for authenticity that characterizes them. The vocals and some percussion are overdubbed by Nicolas Faus (El Vicio/Destination Lonely) and Guillaume Picard (Beach Bitches/Les Bellas/Hair & The Iotas). All compositions are original, including "Motor City Baby" and "Xmas Night", early versions of which appeared as singles in 2019. "Lost Time Rock'n'Roll" appeared in 2020 on Renaud Picard's (The Liminanas) new label. "Blind Man", on the other hand, was exhumed from Nicolas Faus's time with Destination Lonely. The track is so good that Destination Lonely have also re-recorded it with different lyrics and released it on their latest album. In terms of influences, The In-Fuzzed are placed at a crossroads of all forms of rock n' roll, from the purest garage-punk, passing through blues, country, and rhythm n' blues all the way to the Beach Boys ("Xmas Night") or Creedence Clearwater Revival ("You Ain't No Friend of Mine"). It has been a long time since there has been such freshness in a genre that has frequently been rejected, disparaged, and disregarded in the last decades. With The In-Fuzzed, garage rock raises its head again.