Concerning The Other Condition/Spontaneous Composition..

NN 012LP NN 012LP

...Generator. 2022 restock, last copies. Nero's Neptune presents a split LP of solo works from free-jazz improv master/multi-instrumentalist Milo Fine and guitar experimentalist Paul Metzger. "'Moosbruger' was recorded on the occasion of my first public collaboration with Paul Metzger. Before the concert, and for a number of reasons, my thought was that, when my name was drawn for a solo, I'd be playing drum set. But, as befits the spirit of improvisation (the moment), I grabbed the B flat clarinet, and then, echoing the first time I played piano in public (1971), moved off stage to the prepared piano remains, where the two instruments conjoined. 'Ulrich' is a self-contained section of a set-long (drum) solo I played at the Art of This Gallery's Tuesday Night Improvised Music Series. 'Moosbruger' was recorded on March 21, 2009. 'Ulrich' was recorded on January 20, 2009." --Milo Fine "I created the Spontaneous Composition Generator to produce a random series of musical actions. It is a device consisting of 37 altered music box movements mounted in a wooden painter's box. The alterations include dampening, detuning, replacing, removing, doubling, and reversing the tines. Most of the original melody pins on the cylinders were removed. Rubber bands of various lengths and thicknesses were attached to the winding stems to facilitate a continuously variable tension. One dozen hand-wired piezo pickups are attached to output a stereo signal. The piece on this recording was created November 9, 2009 with a time of 18:43. It was specifically made as a complement to Milo's contributions to this Nero's Neptune LP. --Paul Metzger Strictly limited edition of 421 vinyl copies only. Screen-printed onto wax paper sleeves, with an insert. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl.