Champagne Dub is a collective of selected artists who come together to practice psychedelic dub rituals. The project was conceived by drummer and producer Betamax (The Comet Is Coming, Soccer96) who makes a nod to a range of influences through free improv, psychedelic post-punk, English folk, performance art, and '70s dub. However, the band also draws on the teachings of Zen Buddhist philosophy to create sound without intention, to capture and dub the natural shape of subconscious intuitions. After several explosive live shows, the group headed into the studio where they found themselves deep in the presence of a 1/4" tape machine, the results of which were soaked in a biochemically-enhanced mix of reverb and analog effects. Once the vision was truly realized and tested on some animals, it was deemed safe for public consumption and pressed onto vinyl. Drops will be released into the sonic environment with the spiritual guidance of Faith And Industry. Bass player Ruth Goller (Melt Yourself Down/Acoustic Ladyland) applies her distinctive sonic boom to the low end of the group. Punk as fuck and funkier than a pimp truck, Goller pummels pure tones through the dirt with all the rhythmic precision of a washing cycle set to 'silk with rinse'. Ed Briggs is a sound artist from Brighton who plays homemade synths incorporating mechanical parts from a hurdy-gurdy. He also programs using MaxMSP, performing mind-melting sound granulation in real time. Briggs is a full-time DIY inventor and home-science experimenter with a family background in English folk. Mr Noodles, the anonymous performance artist/vocalist, uses many voices, shamanic percussion and unpredictable movement, haunting the band with a plethora of dreamy mantras. Mexican artist Nahum Mantra's day job normally sees him working as an artist/magician. Nahum mastered the art of hypnotism at a young age, and his career has gravitated towards the link between science and art. Also a member of Orchestra Elastique, Champagne Dub sees him feature on his natural instrument the Theremin. Betamax has been playing drums for ages. However after taking mushrooms he realized that there was a deeper layer of rhythm that remained trapped by his ego, an expression so honest, naked and uncultured that it had been withheld by the subconscious. It was a rhythm that couldn't be understood, one that always shifted, but always spoke the truth. Sometimes still, other times explosive, Champagne Dub is what is now.