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Event To Come

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Part of The Optic Sevens 4.0 reissue series. Article 58, named after the Soviet classification for counter-revolutionaries, were formed in Scotland by Gerri McLaughlin (vocals), Douglas MacIntyre (guitars), and Ewan MacLennan (bass), with Stephen Lironi (drums) on these recordings. The group existed for a short period of time, burning brightly before burning out. A single, "Event To Come", was produced by Postcard Records' Alan Horne and Malcolm Ross and released on Josef K manager Allan Campbell's Rational label. Article 58 were the opening group on many bills in Scotland, including support slots circa 1981 with A Certain Ratio, Scars, Josef K, Delmontes, Bauhaus, Restricted Code, among others. Josef K invited Article 58 to support them on some dates in England to promote their only album, The Only Fun In Town, after which Article 58 recorded tracks for an as-yet unreleased album. One track, "Reflection", did surface on a cassette/zine product (Irrational) released by Rational Records. However, the teenage tension and strain of all that accompanies being in a group proved too much and Article 58 split up at the end of 1981. "Event To Come" was to be the only single released by Article 58. The B side, "Icon", is a previously unreleased recording. Both tracks are presented in a brand new sleeve designed by The Creeping Bent Organisation for release on the Optic Nerve label. Red vinyl; includes postcard and poster.