Blessed Are the Poor

A%26O 2012CD A&O 2012CD

Blessed Are the Poor, by the King and Queen of Dub, Alpha And Omega. Joining them on this 10-track release is Italian roots singer Dan I. Alpha And Omega are titans of British dub, and have played a crucial role in its development both locally and internationally. They have worked with every major industry icon and have been putting out albums at a consistent rate since the late '80s. Prolific and well-respected by critics and fans alike, they have an almost prodigious talent for choosing musical collaborators who work seamlessly with their unique Brit-dub sound. This trend continues with this album. Dan I represents all that is fantastic about the Italian roots/reggae scene. Commander General of the Imperial Sound Army, Dan I has a flow that is uniquely his own, while still having a universal appeal. This latest offering surely represents Dan I at the height of his powers and is sure to win him a legion of new fans. Blessed Are the Poor represents all the best qualities from the artists. From the opening moments of the title-track, dub-aficionados will recognize this as a potential track-of-the-year contender. Every track on this release is a winner, however, with Dan I offering smooth, clear lyrics that compliment the flawless, deep beats provided by Alpha and Omega. When musicians of this caliber work together, fans are rewarded with songs that demonstrate exactly how good dub can be. Previously only available on vinyl, this limited CD edition features six exclusive tracks and mixes.