Buried Handsome

TR 263CD TR 263CD

Men Among Animals from Denmark present their third album Buried Handsome. Since the release of Run Ego in 2010, the band has undergone perceptible changes. Formerly a quintet, the band now only holds three members, making their music more minimalistic, well-reflected and harmonic. The album was recorded in Janus' family summer cottage by the Danish west coast. The band ate splendid home-cooked meals and drank good beer, they listened to bands like Menomena, Vampire Weekend, and The Antlers and jammed 'til the early morning. It was in the middle of summer, the sun was shining, and birds were singing. In fact, the lead vocal recordings for "When You Smile" unintentionally caught a blackbird singing, which is now an integrated part of the song, giving the song a bit of extra warmth and depth. Where Run Ego was experimental, inquisitive, and bold, Buried Handsome is much more euphonic and mellifluous. Relying on the lax and melodic sounds of the sixties, the music smoothly captures the mood of a late summer evening. The lyrics are graphic, sharp and subtle, and together words and sounds define and fulfill the aesthetic melancholy that Buried Handsome is all about. Since the release of their debut in autumn 2007, Men Among Animals toured from the most southern part of Europe to the most northern. They've played Spain, Norway, England, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark, including festivals Festival Placa Odisea in Barcelona, Reeperbahn in Germany, Roskilde Festival in Denmark, By:Larm in Norway and many more.