Secret Rhythms 3


This is the third release in Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit's collaborative Secret Rhythms series, following Secret Rhythms 2, released by Nonplace in 2006. Jaki Liebezeit, together with Burnt Friedman continues to pursue a vision of new music. If it is still possible to establish a link with Liebezeit's past as a founding member of Can (1968-1978), then it lies in the spirit with which he seeks, then as now, new musical forms. The post-Can Liebezeit not only created his own cycle-based drum system but also developed an innovative drum set that concentrates on the essentials. Friedman and Liebezeit came together in Cologne in 2001, having recognized that they were on the same musical wavelength, sharing a preference for so-called "secret rhythms," which means that the rhythms are not hidden, but less common -- often foreign to Western culture. Friedman's amorphous sequences and placeless sound particles adhere to the same understanding of rhythm, allowing the two heterogeneous sound generators to perfectly intermesh and form a unit both acoustically and electronically. While the solo parts (vibraphone, guitar, and keyboard) set the tone of part 1 and 2 was colored by the singing of David Sylvian, the seven instrumental titles on part 3 dispense with soloist actions and dominant actors. All the voices and elements, which perform a circling movement forward like links in a chain, enjoy equal rights. Electronic and acoustic sound like they have always belonged together. "Die Ehrliche Haut" and "Wirklich Version" first appeared on parts 1 & 2 respectively, but were re-edited on a dub plate and slowed down. Burnt Friedman takes the credit for production, overdubs, and arranging the pieces on all three albums. Recorded in stages in the studio or rehearsal space over the course of months, the material finally emerges in the concentrated form of 5 to 10-minute songs, although terms like beginning or end have nothing to do with music of this kind. Other musicians include Hayden Chisholm, Tim Motzer, and Joseph Suchy.