Double Concertos by Atli Ingolfsson, Adriana Holszky and Nikolaus Brass

NEOS 11708CD NEOS 11708CD

The two clarinetists Beate Zelinsky and David Smeyers have worked together since 1980 as Das Klarinettenduo. Their concerts have taken them throughout Europe as well as North America and Japan. Recordings of their classical and modern repertoire have been made in almost all of Germany's radio houses in addition to many foreign stations throughout the world. David Smeyers is professor for contemporary music at the Academy of Music and Dance in Cologne where he founded and directs ensemble 20.21. The Caput Ensemble was founded in 1987 by young Icelandic musicians. It started as a small chamber group but grew rapidly into a sinfonietta with up to 18 players. Most Icelandic composers have worked with Caput, some of them from the beginning. The Munich Chamber Orchestra (MKO) is a shining beacon in German orchestral life approximately 65 years after its founding. The MKO's programs -- inspired, exciting and often surprising -- juxtapose works from the past with music from our own time. The MKO has presented over 70 world premieres ever since the former artistic director Christoph Poppen established its unmistakably dynamic profile during the 1990s. Composers such as Iannis Xenakis, Wolfgang Rihm, Tan Dun, Chaya Czernowin, and Jörg Widmann have written works for the ensemble. In the 2016/2017 season, Clemens Schuldt commenced his position as principal conductor. Arturo Tamayo was born in Madrid and studied at the local school of law. At the same time he took a degree in music at the Real Conservatorio de Música, winning an honorary prize in composition. He works with leading European orchestras, appears at the major international festivals and is much sought-after as a conductor of premieres. All the works on this CD were composed for and dedicated to Beate Zelinsky and David Smeyers, who also performed their world premieres. The CD features works composed by Atli Ingolfsson, Adriana Hölszky, and Nikolaus Brass.