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Wolfgang Rihm is doubtless one of the most successful composers of modern times and can meanwhile look back on an enormous oeuvre that can hardly be classified within a single stylistic direction. Until 2008, Andreas Schablas was a member of the Mozarteumorchester Salzburg, after which he became deputy solo clarinetist of the Bavarian State Orchestra, where he has been solo clarinetist since 2010. Andreas Schablas has been appointed Professor at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg starting in October 2017. The oenm . österreichisches ensemble für neue musik has dedicated itself to the performance of contemporary music for over 40 years and has established itself internationally as one of the leading ensembles of its kind. With over 300 world premieres since its founding and regular participation at numerous major festivals, the ensemble residing in Salzburg has meanwhile become indispensable on the world's great concert stages. Rupert Huber has conducted many premieres (works by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Luigi Nono, Jani Christou and others); he is the founder of the Jani Christou Institute in Athens. Rupert Huber has received prizes for various CD productions (works by Schumann and Nono, e.g.), and was awarded the German Music Critics' Award. He regularly conducts ensembles for new music and orchestras within the German ARD. As a composer, his main lines of thought concentrate on the immediate effect of music itself, and music as a tangible phenomenon ("contact singing"). Altered sentient states created by music such as ecstasy and trance form part of his performance art. Workshops at various conservatories and other institutions on the subject of "research into the effect of music" remain an important part of his work, as do his intensive investigations into the shaman tradition of Nepal. Performed by oenm . österreichisches ensemble für neue musik: Rupert Huber - conductor Andreas Schablas - clarinet.