Trumpet Concerto - Chamber Concerto - Violin Concerto

NEOS 11070CD NEOS 11070CD

This CD contains the first recording of three works that offer a fascinating perspective on the genre of the concerto: Fabián Panisello's Violin Concerto, the Chamber Concerto -- recorded live at the Warsaw Autumn Festival in 2008 -- and the Trumpet Concerto; all of them conducted by Panisello himself at the forefront of PluralEnsemble. On few occasions does one encounter such a marked union of complexity and transparency as is present in the catalog of Fabián Panisello. His intelligent approach to the procedures of composition translates into a style that, germinating from principles of constructive consistency and traditional components -- such as diatonic language or the temperated system -- offers elements with which the listener can empathize. The iridescent unison that marks the beginning of the Trumpet Concerto (premiered in 2010 at the Ultraschall Festival in Berlin) presents the scenario of a work in which the sound is a fundamental element, predisposed to a play on perception. The Violin Concerto emanates from the proposal to write a composition for Francesco D'Orazio, soloist of Luciano Berio's Corale. D'Orazio was the protagonist of the premiere of the work in the National Auditorium in Madrid in 2004, just as he is in the present recording. Following a suggestion from Berio himself, Panisello used a procedure employed by the Italian composer in his series of Chemins: managing the potential of instrumental colors in such a way that a group of instruments acts as a single instrument. Marco Blaauw, trumpet; Francesco D'Orazio, violin; PluralEnsemble; Fabián Panisello, conductor.