Music Exists Disc 1

N 049LP N 049LP

The first part of a four-part vinyl edition of Tenniscoats' masterpiece Music Exists, a work of intimate, wonderful, psychedelic folk music. Includes double-sided fold-out insert. Tenniscoats have devoted followers all over the world, but their releases have always been hard to find outside of Japan. Except for their album Tokinouta (2011), which saw a very limited run on vinyl, and the seminal Two Sunsets, their 2009 collaboration with The Pastels (and a small handful of 7"s), there were never any vinyl releases, and the CDs were hard to get for anyone who doesn't speak or read Japanese. So this release is a chance to dive deep into the beautiful, unique world of the Tenniscoats and their magnum opus Music Exists. Tenniscoats are a duo that has enjoyed a long career in the music scene of their home country of Japan since their formation in 1996. They have collaborated with unique artists from different backgrounds (Tape, The Pastels, Pastacas, Jad Fair) while maintaining their own laid-back approach and sound. Their songs are built primarily from guitar and vocals with lyrical themes focusing on everyday life. It could be their expansion on simplicity that has captivated music lovers of all ages throughout their existence. Music Exists previously saw a limited release on the Tenniscoats' own Majikick label in 2015. "We started recording around January of 2013 with just the two of us in our 10 tatami-room in Tokyo we were using as a private studio. Arrangements were produced without computers by overdubbing on an analog console with mixing assistance provided by Saya. As we sent selected songs to be mastered by Yasushi Utsunomia, we were able to see the tracks grown into a full length album." Tenniscoats wrote and recorded the album themselves using an analog console, a microphone, and what few instruments they had. As the project developed, they were surprised to find that they had amassed several albums' worth of material, showcasing their unique combination of melodies and unexaggerated arrangements. Co-released by the Germany-based Alien Transistor label and the Tokyo-based Afterhours magazine and label.