1-2 Weeks
Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra

MR 7360EP MR 7360EP

On the morning of Saturday, April 16, 1983, the Spanish television show Caja de Ritmos aired the video "Me gusta ser una zorra", a personal adaptation of The Stooges' classic "I Wanna Be Your Dog", by the Basque punk band Vulpes. The media, and even legal, uproar that their television appearance generated had unprecedented consequences in the entire history of TVE (Spanish National Television), including the resignation of the program's director. Taking advantage of the notoriety achieved by the band, Dos Rombos -- an independent Spanish label -- would materialize the release of the single, previously modifying the name of the group by adding a final "S" that would only increase the controversy: Vulpess. Closely watched by the police and beset by far-right violence, the gigs to present the single frequently ended in incidents. On the other hand, the sales of the album, although supposedly exceeding 10,000 units, had a very poor distribution. The story of this pioneering band, led by girls (Loles Vázquez on guitar, Estíbaliz Markiegui on vocals, Ruth Astigarraga -- former member of N-634 -- on bass and Bernardo Vázquez -- from M.C.D. -- on drums; as well as Lupe Vázquez and Mamen Rodrigo), would soon come to an end, elevating the Vulpess to the category of myth, and their only 45 becoming a sought-after collector's item, and an icon of the early years of punk music sung in Spanish and an icon of a historical period in which Spain was moving towards full democracy, getting over last vestiges of the still recent dictatorship. With the last reissue of this single out of print for over 15 years, it was about time to make this classic available again, with its original artwork and including a poster of the band.