The Stars Are Ours

MR 380LP MR 380LP

The Stars Are Ours is the debut album of Spanish band Voolva, featuring the first-ever rock opera in outer space. It follows the adventures of a beautiful and harebrained couple on their unplanned quest to unwittingly save the cosmos. The varied styles render a tiled patchwork that defies categorization, where echoes of pop, rock, punk, reggae, funk and electronica can be heard among a wide array of influences, from Frank Zappa to The Kinks and nods to Hiroshi Sato, Jean-Jacques Perrey, King Crimson, and Oskar Sala. The Stars Are Ours is boldly recorded in retro stereophonic sound. Written as a stage musical, the album narrates the (moderately) epic voyage of Linda and Toto, a young, gorgeous, and flighty couple who, after an unfortunate - albeit predictable - stunt at the casino, find themselves abducted by an alien spaceship. Overly hormonal by all galactic standards, the earthlings will undergo zero-gravity surgery, visit alien taverns of ill repute, fight menacing yet snazzy robots, and get VIP tickets aboard the planet-starcraft Absurdia. Aided by a cohort of singing and dancing extraterrestrial sidekicks, our confused heroes will inadvertently save the cosmos from a villainous overlord that just barely refrains from stroking Angora cats, avoiding cliché by the skin of his teeth. Leader Rafael Merino is a Spanish musician currently settled in Paris. He has also lived in New York, Boston and London, all places where his lawyers firmly declare that he has no outstanding warrants. Previously a member of such bands as Orgasmical, Motherglue, and Payola Victims, he's been a well-known character - especially to debt collectors -in Madrid's underground music scene for over 20 years. Voolva reunites some of the finest musicians in Spain today, as well as notorious international guest stars such as Theremin master Dorit Chrysler and Thomas Suire (from the French combo Infecticide). This oddball project has also aroused the interest of other luminaries like Tim Blake (Gong, Crystal Machine), who provided hospitality and advice, and world-class science-fiction illustrator Chris Moore, who generously provides the brilliant artwork. The album has been awarded the first prize at the "Festival des Idées" of the Sorbonne University in Paris. Download includes 101-page script.