1-2 Weeks
Amor en Frio: Grabaciones Completas 1980-1982

MR 333LP MR 333LP

A comic book would be the most appropriate medium to tell the story of Las Chinas. Its five brave super-heroines would be Jose (vocals), Montse (bass), Isabel/Luna (guitar), Miluca (keyboards), and Speedy (drums). The scenario is 1979, post-Franco Spain, then immersed in an accelerated process of modernization with the scarce resources available in every sense. In that context, for five girls to start a group which drew from then-current influences was a bold adventure. But little by little, Madrid's underground gave shape to a scene which included fanzines, artists and bands of a kind that had never been seen before around these parts, leaning towards punk or more openly new wave. One of those bands was Las Chinas. Mainly self-taught, through countless rehearsals they developed a repertoire which consisted of their own songs and a selection of covers. They played live often, both in and outside Madrid, facing the technical difficulties common in most venues at the time. Their image was fascinating, an explosion of color in the middle of an atmosphere that was fighting to escape from the grey and brown. The single El hombre salvaje/Amor en frío came out in 1980, a thrilling pop gem that would become their only release while the band was active. Despite their popularity and TV appearances, for their next record they had to wait until their participation in the soundtrack of La próxima estación, from 1982. By then there had been some changes in the line-up, and just a few months later, frustrated by the lack of a forthcoming album, the band broke up. During their brief time, Las Chinas created a handful of wonderful songs which are now compiled here, along with demos and live tracks. Together they form one of the greatest pop legacies of Spain's thriving early '80s music scene.