Bit Sand Riders

MP 091LP MP 091LP

Double LP version. "The heterogeneous mixture of remixers and styles here is not accidental. By selecting remixers and their way of working (pluralistic), the individual components which are essential for the monistic Pluramon sound are highlighted clearly. There's the fat, dark rock of the Scottish band Mogwai, but also an airy track from Sensorama: working with guitar sounds & processing the sounds of the laptop master Hecker (Mego); or the melodic approach of the British High Llamas. As a band, Pluramon moves between electronic and guitar instrumentation and not least because of this is regarded as one of the most interesting acts internationally. Today, even the more obscure Lo-Fi bands work with digital equipment, i.e. with 'electronics'. Many of the discourses concerning this topic and the points which emerged from it have long been their focus. Unlike the first Pluramon album from the year 1996, when hard disc recording made the search for references to one's medium urgent, today music can be refined with the entire range of technical equipment in the digital domain. Therefore the latest Pluramon release Bit Sand Riders is a remix album. The bands who have been invited for the remix challenge are: The striking Sensorama of L'age d'Or as well as London's High Llamas; Mogwai,'the best guitar band 99` (Viva 2); F.X. Randomiz, the hyperactive electronic freak and M. Schmickler's label colleague; Hecker, processing sound in Mego style; Matmos, who is known for playful drum & bass from San Francisco on Matador; electro mastermind Atom Heart (Rather Interesting); the New Yorker Lee Ranaldo, the guitarist from Sonic Youth; SND, the minimal techno heroes from Sheffield; the noise evangelist Merzbow from Tokyo; and a remix from Pluramon themselves, on the vinyl version, there is an additional mix of Cristian Vogel which has already been released on 12"."