Framed Space: Selected Works 2014-2017


The music presented on Framed Space: Selected Works 2014-2017 consists of a selection of works from the first three years of Melody As Truth. The first disc features the work of Jonny Nash, comprising of tracks from Phantom Actors (2014), Exit Strategies (MAT 002LP, 2015), and Eden (MAT 006LP, 2017). Two unreleased tracks feature on the disc, "Treasure" and "Sayan". "Treasure" was recorded with Gigi Masin in 2014. "Sayan" was recorded in Bali, during the same recording sessions as those that resulted in Eden. The second disc features Diego Herrera's work as Suzanne Kraft, comprising of tracks from Talk From Home (2015) and What You Get For Being Young (2016). Two unreleased tracks also feature on the disc, "Meetings" and "Seven Day Turnaround". "Meetings" was recorded in Amsterdam shortly after Herrera relocated to the city in 2015. "Seven Day Turnaround" was made during the What You Get For Being Young sessions, also in 2015. Both Nash and Herrera now live in Amsterdam, where they continue to exchange ideas and experiment on new works for MAT. The music on Framed Space is intended to give the listener an insight into the first chapter of an ongoing story. Double-CD featuring four previously unreleased tracks, exclusive to this set.

"So far, his Melody As Truth label has been geared along exactly those lines. Modest in sound and scope, yet unusually committed to its cozy parameters, the Amsterdam label has, in its three-year run, dedicated itself exclusively to quiet, contemplative ambient experiments by Nash and his friend Suzanne Kraft (aka Diego Herrera, a former Los Angeleno now also based in Amsterdam). Each release so far has offered a snapshot of a process or a mood. Nash's 2014 EP Phantom Actors was a set of limpid new age studies for synth and piano that could have been mistaken for a lost Mark Isham demo. The following year, his Exit Strategies modeled itself upon the liquid guitars of the Durutti Column and Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie. Kraft's 2015 album Talk From Home, meanwhile, tackled airy synth-and-guitar miniatures, while last year's masterful What You Get for Being Young used similar sounds, just fewer of them, and ended up being as evocative, and elusive, as the scent of a crisp autumn morning." --Philip Sherburne on Passive Aggressive (MAT 008LP, 2017), Pitchfork