Haiku-chanson with a US touch -- Fredda invents her own musical Land. From chanson's meeting with Japanese poetic forms and the garnishing sound of the American coast emerges a new album by Fredda. Where the sound of the words alone resonates with musical poetry, where words need no real translation, a singer, songwriter, and composer turns Francophone pop into an art form. Fredda's consistent development has awakened a sense of depth and soul. The title, Land, sets both the theme and the musical philosophy of the album. Fredda's fifth album is thereby an open arena for all those willing to occupy it, no matter where they come from. Fredda ignores musical boundaries and creates new connections; topical themes of uprooting and nomadism also play their own role in the lyrics. With Land, Fredda's songwriting has reached maturity and naturalness, but this seeming lightness and naturalness is in fact the result of meticulous work. Having put aside the already-finished album, Fredda decided to record it again -- having suddenly been struck by a very clear vision of how the character and sound of the songs should be. Her partner in recording and arrangement was for the second time round Pascal Parisot. After recording -- with guitarist Stéphane Louvain and the Fredda's live rhythm section Nicolas Desse and Alexandre Viudes -- a last decisive piece of puzzle was missing on the way to the end result of Land: for the mixing Fredda worked at Waterworks Studios in Tuscon, Arizona with producer Jim Waters (Calexico). Land is a sparkling jewel in which each song has its own place on Fredda's musical map: from the harmoniously flowing "Ma Rivière" to the melodic-hypnotic "Maintenant", along to the pearls of pop "Neige Rose" and "Maintenant". Thematically between a duet with Parisot ("Siestes Anciennes") and the perfect ending of "Les Amantes" lies the thematic key to the album: "Sur La Lande". Building on the atmospheric lightness of L'Ancolie (LPM 035CD, 2012) and the infectious energy of Le Chant Des Murmured (2014), Fredda has increasingly established clearer lines and now defines a new musical territory with Land -- a cosmos of chanson, melody, vocals, and sound meeting in artistic harmony unmistakably reflecting Fredda's strong personality.