Private View

LMS 5521737 LMS 5521737

LP version. Private View is distinctly Blancmange while also expanding into new sonic terrain. There's a deft marriage of futuristic electronic sounds, Neil Arthur's unmistakable vocal hooks, and songs veer from buoyant and joyful to dark and brooding. Private View will be released on London Records almost exactly 40 years to the day since the label released Blancmange's debut album Happy Families (1982). This neat full circle of Blancmange re-signing to the same label that ignited things all those years ago is also reflected in the album itself, being the perfect crystallization of four decades of creativity. On Private View, Neil returns with key collaborator Benge (Wrangler, John Foxx, John Grant) and David Rhodes (Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Scott Walker) also returns as the guitarist, having previously performed with the band as early as 1982's Happy Families (as well as several other Blancmange albums). Private View is a record that manages to capture an artist who is potently in the moment when it comes to creating new work, while also being able to draw on 40 years' worth of knowledge, experience, and built-in intuition. "I'm really lucky to be able make the music completely on my own terms," Arthur says. "Being able to just continue being creative... that's when I'm happiest." As he said before: "within myself there are no limits." Blancmange is also reflected in the ongoing influence the music has on younger generations of artists and fans over the years. Contemporary electronic producers like Honey Dijon and Roman Flügel have paid tribute with remixes, Moby once called Blancmange "probably the most underrated electronic act of all time"; while John Grant continues to profess his love for Arthur's music, old and new, and has invited Blancmange to perform as part of Grace Jones's Meltdown festival.