(Loin Des) Rivages


French composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Adrien Durand's third album. An instrumental odyssey with an ensemble of 13 musicians. Adrien Durand: "Our last album, La Course was released in 2020 during the lockdown. Inspired by the feedback from listeners, who received the music with special attention, the idea and need for (Loin Des) Rivages was born." Bon Voyage Organisation is the story of the construction of an ensemble, the quest for harmony, through music, between beings. This story has been the central leitmotif in Adrien Durand's composition and production work for almost ten years. Adrien Durand is a renowned Parisian bass keyboard player, composer, producer, and mixing engineer having worked with noteworthy projects such as Amadou & Mariam and Papooz, among others. Known for his knowledge of ensemble recording and arrangement techniques, BVO is his attempt at meticulously creating a musical dialogue around his compositions with a distinguished cast of musicians from different backgrounds without the pressure associated with pop music recordings reminiscent of the musical ensembles of the '70s, such as Carla Bley, Soft Machine, or Irakere. (Loin Des) Rivages was recorded over five days in June 2020 at Studio Atlas, the studio of Air's Jean-Benoit Dunckel and mixed the following summer by Adrien Durand in his Parisian studio, Bureau 12. It was an orchestrated performance considering that all ten tracks of the album were played live, gathering up to thirteen musicians in the same room. The album follows what was initiated with BVO's previous album La Course, an entirely instrumental sound free from any constraints. The close collaboration between Adrien Durand and the members of the ensemble allowed for an exquisite completion. Together, they deliver the incredible energy of "Le Sentier Des Orpailleurs", the depth of melancholy of "Apacheta", and the originality of "Et S'éveillent"... Inspired by the great explorers of the soul: Sun Ra, Moondog, and Coltrane (a cover of Coltrane's "Naïma" actually opens the album), Durand mixes humanity's first instruments (percussion and the wind) with its latest ones (mixing desks and synthesizers). Thus, he continues the most interesting yet rewarding artistic journey: the journey inward, far from the standards of civilization, in the heart of what some can take for madness, reaching into a jungle of the soul so marvelously represented in Clément Vuillet's artwork. This is not an intellectual record but rather a spiritual effort, because, as Adrien Durand likes to repeat in his concerts: "Let us step into music as we step into a sanctuary."