Into The Long Night (Orange Vinyl)


LP version. Limited edition orange vinyl. Into The Long Night is the second album by The Sonic Dawn, one of the most remarkable bands to come out of the new psychedelic wave in Denmark. Just a few seconds into this album, you will realize that you are in for a mind altering experience. "It's a trip! By taking the listeners to places they didn't expect to go, we hope to make them aware -- that they'll stop up and think about life for a minute. Awareness is the first step to change in the world," says guitarist and vocalist Emil Bureau. To achieve the dramatic changes of mood and feeling that The Sonic Dawn excel at, they mix a wide range of styles, from jazzy sitar pop to heavy acid rock. A pleasant-sounding, analog production makes the album easy to approach, not to water it down, but rather to pull the unsuspecting listener into the deep. The songs were written by day and recorded at night, during a month of complete isolation in a remote house by The North Sea. The track list can be interpreted as a trip through the night, into a new dawn. Close your eyes and see it: Go through the hill country with its long yellow grass, to the beach where the setting sun dances on the cold waves. Slide into the darkest hours, alone with your thoughts and doubts. Suddenly come the first blue rays, separating past from present, before a golden dawn is born and everything takes its right shape, perhaps for the very first time. Into The Long Night was made in collaboration with some of Scandinavia's most regarded personnel. It features Swedish Hammond legend Erik "Errka" Petersson on keys and Morten Grønvad on vibraphone and percussion, which adds to its soundtrack-like qualities. Mixed in The Village Recording with jazz producer Thomas Vang (Oscar Peterson, Randy Brecker, etc.). Mastered in Svenska Grammofonstudion with Hans Olsson Brookes (Graveyard, Blues Pills, José González, etc.). Fans of psychedelic rock, neo-psych, freak beat, and classic rock will surely enjoy this record.