While doing interviews to promote his new album Scott Matthew's visiting his home country Australia that is ablaze: "The recent devastating fires have been a powerful confirmation of climate change and the way that is impacting every living entity on the planet," he says and thinks that governments refuse to take care of their citizens. Scott now resides in New York but still he calls Berlin his "safe place". In the last few years, Scott has taken an interest in history to understand the world around him. What if you've become famous for your understanding for sadness but still you want to look forward? What if the world outside is way too confusing for an introverted human being? The idea for making Adorned was to take some of Scott Matthew's original songs and reimagine them. To dress them up in finery and have them re-enter the world with a new found confidence and attitude. A makeover of sound and intention. In close collaboration with the Los Angeles based producer Jens Gad (Enigma), Scott Matthew worked out ten amazing new versions of his all-time classics. They used the original vocal tracks, modified some guitars and other parts of the songs and added strings and beats. Within the songs of Adorned one can hear the new confidence and hope of Scott. Scott Matthew sticks to the old to believe in the new. Eased and excited at the same time, that is how this new album full of old treasures sounds like. "The Wish" is a song about the massacre in Orlando (June 12, 2016) when a single perpetrator invaded the Pulse club and shot 49 people dead, most of them members of the LGBT community. A few hours later Scott wrote the lyrics, expressing a sense of total powerlessness. "Abandoned" is a classic tune taken from Scott's debut album (2008) is all about solitude after a broken relationship. The loss of a partner that has promised to be something special and that has decided overnight to break this promise. Scott wrote "German" for his second solo album (2009) after staying in Germany for a longer while. The fictional character that is described within the song is close to Scott himself: A tourist with a broken heart, dancing to '80s music. "White Horse" was released in 2009 on Scott's second album. He sang of a white horse is caged in his heart. Today, the track sounds way more sensual and might remind one of Sade.