DC 560LP DC 560LP

2022 restock. "Bitchitronics, is ready with the quickness we expect from the Chi-based duo -- which is funny, since their area of expertise and mastery is in the area of synthetic ephemeral sonic languid-ity known more instinctively, inclusively (and let's face it, irresponsibly) as drone music. They make slow music at a fast pace is what we're saying. Now these guys are paying attention to this on the micro-level because that's where their fun is, so how will you react when we tell you that the sound of Bitchitronics was a change so extreme they considered changing their name? Ha. Yeah, us too. They were revamping a bit on this one though, it isn't just about turning on the keyboard and getting cozy. This time, the concept was: use tape techniques to create and then solve problems -- but mainly, loops and edits were there to make things fun and the music great in the style of experimental tape pioneers upon whose shoulders the Bajas play. In keeping with the (unspoken, unacknowledged by the band) concept of catching air with tape, Bitchitronics is the first Bitchin Bajas record made as a trio, blending the blowing of flute into the mix of electric keys and posthuman tones and loops of tape atop other loops of tape, with the final result coming to us with all the ebbing and flowing of a breeze -- wind on wind, even! A veritable index of gases! Let the power of Bitchitronics fall over you; another green world of music made Baja fresh by the wandering ears and care-filled creations and re-creations of Bitchin Bajas."