Original Bedouin Culture

BB 033LP BB 033LP

LP version. This is the second full-length release by Hamburg, Germany's Like A Stuntman (Matthias Gros, Christian Fleck, Tobi Ullrich & Sven Fritz). In 2005, the quartet released their debut album, made available almost solely in the UK, with touring activities similarly focused in the UK as well. Four years on, Like A Stuntman are ready to take it well over and beyond the Isles with Original Bedouin Culture, an exhilarating celebration of eclectic instrumentation and the blending together of past and future influences that span an incredibly diverse roster of genres and eras. Fan Schneider TM on Original Bedouin Culture: "The album traces an arc from the sounds and spirit of late '60s psychedelia, the class of 1968 and a little later, The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, Silver Apples, bands from Brazil's Tropicália movement such as Os Mutantes, etc., through the musical influences and laconic humor of some early '90s post-post-punk indie-rock bands like Sebadoh and Pavement up to a personal take on turn-of-the-century 'weird folk,' with a nod to Krautrock and the liberation of electronic music by artists from Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin or the Warp label." Das Bierbeben's Rasmus Engler describes the album as such: "Shy vocals, possibly recorded under bedcovers, duet with warm banks of synthesizer; acoustic and electric guitars speak up and buzz through subtly-crafted songs. Original Bedouin Culture succeeds in building a bridge from Matador to Warp, with ECM and free-folk communes visible from its center. A fantastic record that could make you lose your mind!"