Janet Beat (b.1937) was always fascinated by sound. As a child, she would put her ears close to struck objects and hear the harmonics which she called "rainbow sounds". She also put her ears against tree trunks and the ground to hear the rabbits thumping. Her first piece of music was written for her toy piano when she was three and a half years old, which she knew how to write down. She studied music at Birmingham University. In the late 1950s after hearing some of Pierre Henry?s sound poems, she became interested in musique concrète. Then she began experimenting in this field herself. When lecturing at Worcester College of Education (now Worcester University) with the help of the physics lecturer she began a course in electronic music in the mid-1960s. In the 1970s, she initiated electronic and recording studios at the RSAMD (now the Royal Scottish Conservatoire). Later she lectured on multisound diffusion at Glasgow University. She overcame much opposition to her creative career from parents and the musical world as women "do not do" composing and technology. Even her father used her earliest tapes to tie up his plants in the kitchen garden. However, despite all opposition she has gained recognition and commissions worldwide which have included a Lifetime Achievement Award from Scottish Women Inventing Music (SWIM) as a composer, music educator and writer on music.
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