Projection One


Digging deeper into the 1970s Nigerian rock scene, Soundway are excited to announce the release of Edzayawa's first and only LP Projection One. Originally released in 1973 by EMI Nigeria, Projection One came out at a time when Osibisa and Fela's influence was being felt across West Africa, and was the young Ghanaians' band attempt at creating something unique and distinctly African. Re-issued here on CD for the first time outside of Nigeria, the album sounds as exciting and unrivaled today as it did 35 years ago. Writing songs with a heavy rock influence but also a distinctly African feel, Edzayawa wrote dark and deeply philosophical tracks with strong traditional themes far removed from the sweet love songs many of their contemporaries were writing. The majority of their songs were based around a 6/8 rhythm, influenced by the Ewe people originating in the South East of Ghana. With their new repertoire, they headed off to Lagos, Nigeria with hardly any money in their pockets and no instruments. They headed straight to Tommy Benson's club, son of the legendary Nigerian entertainer and musician Bobby Benson, and got a gig playing at The Caban Bamboo in return for one hotel room between the four of them. Constantly searching for an adventure, they headed to Fela Kuti's Kalakuta Republic. After waiting two hours for an audience with Fela, they were led through to meet him. There they had a long talk with Fela and eventually got asked to play at The Shrine. At the time Joni Haastrup's MonoMono were playing at The Shrine, too, coming on after Edzayawa and before Fela's Africa 70. It was during this time the band recorded Projection One in EMI Studio Lagos. Recorded over two days, the album was to be their only release. Projection One never got a release in their home country of Ghana -- the only copies that made it into the country were the few that the band took back themselves. Soundway release Projection One remastered and accompanied by liner notes that contain the reminiscences of band leader Nana Danso (who subsequently founded and now runs the Accra-based Pan African Orchestra).